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Tools to manage your Empire Avenue portfolio

1. SetSocial EA Dashboard

This site is not working as of 6/2/2012. If you find this site to be working please leave a comment.
This is a web based dashboard that helps you sort your portfolio. It is very clean and easy to use. This is a great tool for beginners because it includes just the basic info you need to manage your portfolio.

Setsocial empire avenue dashboard

2. EAv Trader

This is a desktop application. It provides more detailed information than the Setsocial app. You can also leave it running in the background so information about dividends and prices constantly stay up to date. Since it’s a desktop app you don’t have to worry about disclosing your login information to a third party. The downside is it only works on Windows.

3. insideEAv

This is another web based dashboard. It has tons of information and ways to sort your portfolio. If you are looking for more in depth management of your portfolio this is a great tool. If you are new to Empire Avenue or portfolio management it may be a little overwhelming. It also allows batch buys and sells at no cost to the user which is awesome. This app is developed and maintained by (e)DrDavd.

inside empire avenue

4. EavNet

This is the most robust tool. It provides access to all your alerts, account information, and portfolio information. It is really a full fledged dashboard. This is also the only tool that lets you invest in people directly from the dashboard instead of redirecting to EAv. Think of it as a sort of Hootsuite for Empire Avenue. There are even paid plans that add additional functionality like multiple accounts and automatic purchasing and selling.

5. #Eav Tips

This is my personal favorite. It was made by one of the top 5 wealthiest people on EAv and has been in development for a while. It was built for (e)Pod101‘s personal use so you know it is powerful. It is butt ugly but it gets the job done quick and easy. In addition to supplying portfolio information it also provides charts similar to traditional stock charts, overall market information, and a custom scoring system called ‘podpoints’. The main reason I prefer this tool is it’s free and easy buy and sell automation. You can set a search filter in numerous ways to find batches of 20 and simply invest a set amount of eaves in each one. For instance you can sort by people that own more shares in you than you own in them and buyback 20 at a time. EAvNet has automated buying but it costs whereas EAv Tips does not cost anything.

If you know of other tools please let me know so I can add them to the list.


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      Thank you for the update. I’m not sure what happened to either site. I will modify the post to take to reflect the changes. I personally use and I can confirm it is working.

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        Set Social is back up and running smoothly. They just had a small hosting issue that has been resolved. 

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    eav mogul is the new iPhone app for managing your portfolio. Available for free from the AppStore: 

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      If you go to his (e)DRDAVD share you’ll find he’s said his server has crashed and his back is very behind the times.
      I think it’ll return but it may take a while.

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    InsideEAv is now gone. DrDavd took it down a few days ago.

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