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Empire Avenue tips for Corporations

empire avenue toyotaEmpire Avenue is attracting a lot of major corporations. Some are successfully engaging, others aren’t. AT&T has done an excellent job engaging the Empire Avenue network.  They respond to posts and purchase shares in a lot of players. Toyota on the other hand is an epic engage #fail. They haven’t even purchased anyone.

If I were a corporation here’s what I would do:

1. Buy a bunch of Eaves

Companies need to hit the market running. You have about 3 days before people will start contemplating selling you for profit. Dip into the marketing budget and stock up on eaves. You can make a lot of people happy just buy purchasing 50 shares. The best way to keep from falling off influencer radars is to buy back.

2. Buy weekly earning leaders

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising. The biggest mouths in the game can be found on the earnings leaderboard. These are the most active influencers on Empire Avenue and the best way to let everyone know you’re here and mean business.

3. Create communities

Empire Avenue lets you create topical communities. If I’m Ford I would have a Mustang community, Ford Truck community, Fiesta community, etc. If I were Intel I would create the Intel Overclockers community. I would even think about making a help community and see how that turned out.

4. Create chat rooms

People think it’s cool to engage a brand and chat rooms feel more direct than community posts. Chat rooms can be difficult to manage so if it becomes overwhelming focus on the other items.

5. Engage with #Social Empire and #TeamZen

The #SocialEmpire is the most influential community in the game. #TeamZen consists of Empire Avenue’s savviest investors. Any attention from either of tehseInteract with members of these communities as soon as you join. It will increase the value you get from the Empire Avenue network.



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  • Scot Wheeler

    Great ideas for these companies. I’ve been running a weekly analysis of leaders that picked up on the key differences in engagement approaches. I’ll measure weekly to quantify the results of their various approaches.

    • Scott Wendling

      That’s pretty cool. I’ll have to keep up with it & see how things shake out.

  • Larry Irons

    If I invest it is usually in real assets that provide a quantifiable gain or loss. I have an EA profile and its amazing people actually invest in the equivalent of a pink stock.

    • Scott Wendling

      I am the same way with my investments. This strategy is more for big companies with man power & deep pockets.

    • Scott Wendling

      It used to be easier to make money on $10 stocks. Few flooded the market so you could snatch them up and sell off if the users never got active. You’d lose your shorts doing that now.

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