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Empire Avenue portfolios: the fastest way to go through them

empire avenue portfolioGoing through Empire Avenue portfolios is time consuming. When you sort your portfolio you can only go through it by clicking the next button or previous button over and over again. There is no pagination or “go to last” button. However, just because there is no button doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Here’s how to go to any section of your portfolio:

  1. Go to your portfolio view
  2. Decide how you would like to sort your portfolio
  3. Paste this funny looking line of code in the navigation bar: javascript: psearch_cursor(‘portfolio’,50, ‘normal‘)

As that is written it will take you to your standard portfolio view and show you numbers 50-100. You can change the number to anything you like. For instance if you need to go to the last page, and you have 175 shareholders, you would put 150 instead of 50. That takes you to numbers 150-200 on the list.

You can also use this for any portfolio view by replacing the word ‘normal’. Here is a list of words that can be placed there and the type of portfolio view it corresponds to:

  • last_trade = this sorts from highest price to lowest price
  • change_desc = this sorts by the largest shareprice gainers
  • change_asc = this sorts by biggest losers of the day
  • daily_earnings = this sorts by the highest earnings for that day
  • shares_owned = sorts by the amount of shares you own
  • dividend = sorts by highest dividend for the previous day
  • purchase_time = sorts from last trade you made to the very first

There are several reasons you would need to use this trick. I use it to find the worst earnings shares I own by sorting by earnings and going to the last page. If you know any other portfolio tricks I would love to hear them.

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